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The Green Desert - Documentary Film - 85 mins


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America’s harshest desert is home to the nation’s breadbasket.  Farmers in the Imperial and Coachella Valleys depend on the Colorado River system to supply the country with produce during the winter months.  Yet it’s a system on the brink of collapse.  Water is the lifeblood, and the reservoirs that provide it are in a countdown to dead-pool.

The All-American Canal delivers Colorado River water from the Hoover Dam.  Despite record snowfall during the winter of 2022/2023, its storage reservoirs have dwindled to historic lows.  Scarcity divides the populace as states battle for their fair share of Colorado River water.  In the face of dire shortages and unprecedented cutbacks, can this agricultural linchpin find a way to survive?

The Green Desert  presents a dazzling kaleidoscope of vineyards, date ranches, and bell pepper farms in the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea. The much larger Imperial Valley harvests leafy greens and vegetables by the truckload, delivering over 1 billion servings a year.  The alfalfa it grows is the bedrock of the food supply chain, making dairy and meat production possible.  A total of 90% of the winter vegetables consumed in the US are produced in these regions.  Without them, the nation’s food security would vanish.   The need for conservation has never been greater, but will desperate measures be enough?  The era of limits has been reached. We are at a crossroads.  The future of the American West will be shaped by the choices we make.